Summer Lovin' Stockholm Style

While I am still deep in Summer Lovin' Hunt mode, this new COLLABOR88 skybox came in from Barnesworth Annubis and I really wanted to see it up close!  Happily I knew it would be a perfect backdrop for this special retro dress from Maribol Inshan Designs on the SLH.  I have been missing my dose of recent historical attire of late. So many of the designers in that camp have left us. So I was thrilled to try on this simple but beautifully tailored day dress ala 50s (that's a guess).

In some ways it is timeless and I want to emphasize that "beautifully tailored" comment I made. The drawn lace is perfection. I have made clothes (one of my briefest jobs in SL) and I know how hard it is to get those puzzle pieces to actually fit when they are stretched on our avatar bodies. So if you love retro, you know the drill. An aqua sculpty heart is what you seek.

And as an aside for any new folks that may read this blog.  This is called a "system" outfit in that it is all textures. That means no mesh,  no prims, no sculpites and you could easily wear this to Hair Fair with a clear conscious. It also means that you need to adjust your shape to a "skirt shape" which means making your bottom as small as it can be.

I didn't do that for these photos, but if you would see me sideways, my buttocks would be larger than expected. This was the norm a few years ago and while we have added options to our attire, there is still something to be said for lovely system clothes. I have a few oldies in my closet that are holding up to the test of time very well. It's all in the drawing. 

And now back to the Stockholm attic skybox. It is roomy and it of course has a vista of Stockholm outside the window wall. If you are one of the lucky folks that actually have a uncluttered view in SL, you can delete that prim and have clouds and sky.

I took these photos specifically with obvious shadows so that you know -- either way, with Stockholm or clouds, you have light coming in. If you use shadows, I am guessing you are happy about that. The skybox can be purchased with or without furniture and comes in a rez box for easy installation.

I can't give you a lot more details as the COLLABOR88 sim is plum full. So journey over early in the morn or late at night -- or wait a day or so.

Poses by: LAP (nla) and aDORKable