The Rebel's Playground - Romance

There is some romance in The Rebel's Playground Hunt; not everything is hard edged or youngly silly :D.   This Angel of the raver dress is quite beautiful. The lacy is divine and the prim parts have resizers for easy fitting. Find the trike at +NK+ for this prize.

This very useful set of roses (tall, bushy, arch) is color change to fit your needs. Adjust brightness, glow and transparency also.  While they look primmy, they are in fact only one prim each. Amazing. Search for these at Forest Feast, an old stomping ground of mine. It was great to return. 

I used the term "search" purposefully in the above paragraph. This is the prize vendor that is far, far away from the landing point. Head down the long path towards the water and the tall beach house. It is worth the jaunt.

My hair is Adalia from Calico Ingman Creations.

When I am in prim rich mode I love having food out in the house. It adds a bit of extra realism to the environment. This parfait and cherry pie set from poche lets you mix and match sweets as your prim budget allows. The set as shown is 55 prims though so 512 lot owners need not apply. Still, very cute and you just never know when it might come in handy.

Pose by: aDORKable