Summer Lovin 2

There is plenty of color in the Summer Lovin' Hunt. This coolly feminine long dress is semi-transparent with a texture top and mesh skirt and wrap. You know what that means? It will fit a lot more body types. Great for us non-standard sizing gals. It comes with a very pretty wide-brimmed beach hat. Find the blue sculpted heart at Paris Metro. If you are more of a pants gal, just leave off the skirt and add some summery boots.

Cultures are well represented in this hunt.  This striking and definitely summery Yukata Chimari is from kisetsu. There is a yukata for guys also. My friend EE will definitely want to hunt for that!

The Mexican table comes complete with sarape styles table cloth and Dead of the Dead vase. Chairs, table and vase are separate so you can decorate as you like and add extra seating if needed. Find this prize at Jugg and Jinja's Boutique.  The basket, wine and cheese platter are part of a picnic set from The Phoenix Collections.

Poses by: Diesel Works