Happy Happy

The Happy Home Hunt started today; it's a good one. That makes ME happy since I have a shop in the lineup. There is no perfect hunt of course and this one has too many hunt object decoys for my taste. Some I gave up on; some I swore a lot and kept looking. They come in all manners of frustration from empty except for the next landmark (makes you wonder if they logged in to add their gift?), some that did absolutely nothing, some that said they were a decoy and to keep looking (those I don't have a big issue with) and those that I didn't even notice they were a decoy until I started unpacking to find a "fooled you" note as the only gift.

THAT being said (grumble, grumble), the hunt organizer went to great pains to make this work well. There is a hud that you need to wear to get most of the prizes; it costs you a linden and most everyone should be able to live with that. There was an early ready-to-go walkthrough and in theory everyone has their prize out :D. So two thumbs up for that.

My saucy little top is one of many new colors in my wardrobe from DCNY. I showed you the show stopping role play hair from Discord Designs @ Hair Fair, but this is my personal favorite of the new releases, Delrey. Mesh slacks by JANE.

There are some very nice prizes including this set from Pillows & Things. The furniture is mod so you can downsize it as needed (and I did a bit of that for this photo). The intricately detailed chalk board here and in the lead photo hales from Finishing Touches which always seems to have well-made and thoughtful prizes.

Many prizes are no copy so take note of the prize vendor location so you can return as needed.

This very summery outdoor lounger comes with a variety of poses. Items are mod for easy resizing. I am very happy to have a set of towels; something that has always been missing in my inventory :D.  Find this set at JJ Lanes.  My personal favorite prize of the hunt is this basket with Black-eyed Susans and fireflies from [Sheds n Shacks]. The detailing is superb!

Poses by: chairs and Diesel Works