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Photo Shoot

It's always exciting to receive a blogger pack from AD Creations. Tame is not a word that comes to mind. One is always in for a surprise.

When I tried on this Tribute to Vivienne outfit I thought of Alice in Wonderland. I know there must be some "Alice" places out there still, but my landmarks took me to "Sally's House" and the like. So I ventured over to Madworld which is almost always a fitting backdrop for the designs of Aliza Karu.

There is a bit of everything in this styling and yes, it is bizarre. But it also makes me smile. I tried on several shapes to get this to fit and it seems to be a standard sizing XS. So if that is you, or you would LIKE it to be you, journey over to AngelsDemons AD Creations Mall and check it OUT!

Poses by: Striking Poses (nla), Vain (nla), BehaviorBody.


AlizaKaru said…
looovee as always, ty!!!♥♥♥♥

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