Hair Fair 2012 - Winners

Hair Fair 2012 is around the corner. Many of us get new styles, and who doesn't feel better with great looking hair? The Hair Fair Photo Contest winners were announced yesterday. One of my entries garnered third, the first time I have won this contest although I have entered in other years. This photo was taken at Kingdom of Sands late one eve. The shape isn't mine; I used the one that came with the Deviance outfit. So pretty. My hair is from EMO-tions

See all the winning photos (with links to hair on their Flickr descriptions) here.

I will be getting in SUPER early this year and I will be sure to give you just the tiniest of teasers -- maybe a collage with bits and pieces. It wouldn't be fair to post too much before Press Day :D.

Remember bald is beautiful on the 14th!

And a big "Congrats!" to all the winners.

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    # by Anonymous - July 7, 2012 at 10:34 PM

    Congrats to you... your picture was amazing!