Out of My Element

It's not the locale, the outfit or the monochrome skin that has me out of my element; it's the places that I visited on the Corset Quest.  Five mesh corsets are up for grabs. Find the lilac shopping bags and touch to garner your prizes. Standard sizes are included and run true.

This was a fun adventure in its own way and a popular weekend activity for the ladies judging by the number of hunters that I spied. A couple of caveats here; this is a four day hunt put on by the Femdom Network. That translates into bondage and all that jazz for you not up on things. It is hence an ADULT hunt. You need not be age verified to participate though.  "Payment Info On File" and above status will gain entrance to the five locations.

This is not an easy hunt. The prize vendors are sometimes FAR from the landing points, sometimes in places you might think were not even part of the hunt area. So read the clues and go from there. Most destinations were empty in the early morning. One however offered guys in very scanty attire. I was happy to be surrounded by so many obvious hunters (I don't figure that jeans and tees are typical Femdom attire) and simply went on my search. I found all but one.

Go forth. Have fun. Take a friend for support *wink*.  The corsets are very nice!

Poses by: Vista Animations