Since this morning's post started with shoes, I decided to lead with a close up!  Fifty Linden Friday's is back. You may have heard. The list of vendors was impressive and so I decided to take a little jaunt and see what was out there. It was good to rediscover some formerly closed shops.  The early morning crowds weren't what they used to be, but there were a couple of gals doing the rounds with me that bought almost everything -- so for some it works! You know I don't shop that often and there really wasn't much I couldn't live without, but when I saw these "Gator" shoes at GOS; well that was it for me.

The shoes are obviously patterned after a very well-know shoe with a similar name. The typist is wearing a pair as she inputs my thoughts *wink*, so we both now have stylish and comfortable foot gear.

These are unisex shoes and have a resize menu. There is a demo not far from the $50 Linden vendor.

I dug out my painting gear and headed over to my favorite picturesque sandbox to take these shots. 

Poses by: the easel and Torridwear (nla)

There are lots of great new hairs releasing SATURDAY at EMO-tions. This cutie seemed just right for a painter. Yula comes with hairbase.