In the Sun

I am still very much in love with my pool overlooking the bay.  I don't hang out there much really, but it is so pretty to return to when I hit that HOME button. Dutchies has some perfect summer accompaniments for beach and pool, towels with an abundance of great poses and props. Sit on a towel (there are two as a set) and a beach bag appears along with a menu. Here I chose "eating" and was served a baguette with cheese.

One of my personal favorite animations and perfect for getting that tan, is this one reading a magazine.

And of course you need some lotion. These are extremely prim thrifty props and the beach bag disappears when not in use. OR, if you want to keep the bag out, there is a version that you can rez.

When you want to take your sunning equipment with you, magazines and all, there are versions of the bag that you can wear. All in all a great new release, so get over to the shop and give those towels a try. The same poses are in both towels by the way and there are different color versions to choose from. Some poses are meant for the guys, so they can tan too!

My extremely cute and perfect fitting (so happy) bikini is from SLC. There are lots of colors and styles to choose from. Find them along with some cute dresses out for Sixty Linden Weekend. The sizing seems to run true to the standard. I am wearing a small which fits perfectly. It seems like, since this is a two piece that fitting might be easier for hippy or busty gals. You could wear different sizes for different areas *wink*.

My new back tattoo is from Rams Tattoo, free at Things for Women.

Poses by: beach towels and LAP (nla)