Not So Basic Black

I am not sure how I missed it on the Make Him Over 7 Hunt (still going on for a few days) but this "guy" hair definitely does double duty for gals. Find it and two other colors at Alli&Ali. Look for that Mars symbol.

My dress is one of a big set of choices, all similar in color blocking, from *Soulglitter* on the Marketplace. (Sorry,Blogger didn't like my first link. Go to the store and then search for $1-10 and RECENT and you'll find them.) This is a standard sizing dress which as we all know by now usually doesn't fit me well. So I hopped into Marti, a standard size S, from $10 Shapes and all was well. I actually needed the "M" rather than the "S" size mini, but not a biggie.

There isn't a demo as far as I can see, but you can get what appears to be this same style in 4th of July colors for a linden and you can't beat that. Since there are no stars or stripes in evidence, it can last through the summer season.

And this is a new release bracelet from KOSH. Find it and a similar style at the main store. A matching necklace is available at the Mens Dept. until the 4th of August. After that it joins the bracelet which comes in two parts for mix and match loveliness in Rain.

I zipped over to the Mens Dept. last eve before its official opening. I couldn't actually get IN of course, but since I am a camming queen, I got a look at all the goodies. There are some impressive items there, many unisex -- so drop over for a visit.

Poses by: aDORKable, Diesel Works