Salty Air

Up early and not quite awake, I headed over to the docks for a breath of salty air. The gulls were calling; it looks like another warm day.

I told you that there were some gifts over at Sway's Festival. This pins bag from Cafe GG is one. Flags, pins and bright pink handcuffs adorn this quirky carryall. I put together a casual look as accompaniment. A new mini from Paradisis, the Sweet Spring dress became a top when I swiftly tucked it into some Paradisis jeans. I added my Gos Desire Ankle boots, something most of us MUST have after that hunt and I was set.

This new Starlust hair from Pomme D Amour has that "well I made it up but not sure how far I'll get without my coffee and cigarette" look, perfect for this morning's photo shoot.

And with that thought the typist is heading for a nap in the tub followed by some coffee. Now if there were only fresh baked muffins to go with. Ah well.

Poses by: LAP (nla)