Wednesday Morn

It's easy to overlook things when your inventory is large and your day filled. The Labs don't help our cause with missed deliveries and the like. I found this really cute dress, one of several colors, in the archives of a blogging group.  I am so glad that activity is part of my personal ToDo list. This is the *BeReckless* Mesh Dress with Ruffled Skirt. As luck would have it, the main store's sim was down for server deploy as I typed this so I ventured over to Jersey Shore which was busting with the Grenade Free Wednesday crowd. And know what? This dress and two other colors are on the Wednesday deal! Now THAT'S timing -- even if unplanned. I am wearing a small and it fits perfectly with my slightly larger breast shape. (OK, I admit I gave up and made one!)

Two other almost new items include this Hair Fair gift that I somehow overlooked on press day, that or it wasn't out yet as I am a pretty good sleuth. It is from The Alice Project and comes with a very nice color change hud which I really appreciate as it helps keep that ever-growing inventory in check. 

My very pretty choker has been sitting in my inventory for awhile waiting for a blogging partner *wink*. It is a mix of delicate roses and fine beads on sculpted ribbons. Find Seduction of Summer at Just You Jewels.

Poses by: BehaviorBody and LAP (nla)