Loving Summer Lovin

The Summer Lovin' Hunt started a couple of days ago. I finished, in my fashion and will be showing you some of my favorites as I always do. I'll give this hunt two thumbs up. It has some issues; most do. Still there are some wonderful prizes. The biggest problem is that there are no SLURLS given, that I could find. There are stores and hints, but if you get stuck, you'll need to search IN Search to get back on the train. This is how it always used to be and happily I only had to do that a couple of times. Hence, a few stores missed and a couple I gave up on; too big with obscure clues.

Topping my "Most Impressive" list is this waterfall half surround from ~ SYRENZ SHADOWZ ~. It is big, fitting most of my 40 x 40 building pad out here in Wanderton Sandbox *wink*. Hard to believe it weighs in at only 21 prims. If you had low land where you could dig out a pond, this would be even more spectacular. I simply plopped it on a giant water textured prim and it is still quite wonderful.

A good portion of this hunt is in the clothing area with the weight going towards the ladies, but there are some very nice furnishing also. Here I am swinging from an outcropping of the waterfall surround courtesy of [CIRCA]. The set includes the drinks table, planter and rug in the top photo. Both single and couple poses are included with adjustments. This is a no copy item so grab an extra if you keep backups.

My outfit is made up of several prizes. These cute shades with butterfly are not only stylish, they are color change. They are not only color change, they are INFINITELY changeable using a color palette with both presets and an eyedropper and rainbow. Now how cool is that? Find them at ~Kennedy's~. Not everything has to be extravagant to make it into my personal Oh-I'm-So-Glad-I-Found-This list. The Lacy Tub Top from 1 Hundred, fits that bill. Simple but ever so useful, I am sure it will be well-loved. This Newport Yellow Lace coverup hales from *Kakia Designs*. Being mesh, a variety of sizes are included; a swimsuit comes with. My Black Skinny Jeans are part of the prize from ^^Moulliez. A basic white tank come in the pack.

Thus ends this first installment of the Summer Lovin' Hunt.

Poses by: aDORKable and the swing