Stick Em Up!

So much fun!   This new (*chanimations GoodTimes #01 - "PreciousMoments" prop had me smiling a lot and looking forward to #02. A vault full of money! What more could we want?

The vault door can be wide open, shut or half way there. A gun prop is included but since I was in color coordinated steampunk, I opted for a pistol that I apparently picked up for free on the Marketplace long, long ago.  If you need one, try looking up Kent Lyle in the Marketplace search :D.

Lots of really great easy to use poses with adjustment makes this a winner. Ah the possibilities. Read more here at Chandra's website.

My outfit isn't new. I wear it a LOT. BlakOpal Hawkesworth Lady Outfit - Gold is free in the shop or on the Marketplace. You are good little sleuths; I am sure you can find it. The boots are some of my very favorites from lassitude & ennui.

Poses by: the vault