The Rebel's Playground

In my mind there is no perfect hunt. There is also no perfectly horrible hunt *wink*. Each has its pluses and minuses. The Rebel's Playground Hunt hasn't officially started yet, this according to the website. There are however a list of SLURLs and a few hints. Some folks are ready it seems and there were many hunters out.

I of course just read that "hasn't started" info at the top of a four day old post, AFTER finishing the hunt - LOL.  Aside from the MIAs, there are many boxes to unpack before getting your next stop, several that had no next stop LM at all, way too many decoys for my taste, a LM that gave you no store name so you had to hunt through a large mall for a sign, one prize so far away from the landing point it could have easily been in another sim -- you get the idea. This is indeed a warmup for Twisted coming to you in September.

On the plus side, and there is one -- lots of cute shops to peruse; ones we don't see that often on the hunt tour. There are some nice prizes, not really "me" prizes but certainly ones of broad enough interest to post about -- and a little camaraderie on the hunt trail.  I met another old time hunter, very close to my age, and we reminisced a bit on how things were as we painstakingly looked for large or very tiny tricycles. That was good as we are often isolated hunters these days with all the Do Not rules. 

I have some items to show you. Of course I do! First up is an outfit from Ambrosia which includes the collar. All parts have resize scripts. I am wearing a :::Shiva::: paint skin; one tone as the prize. Real Black Eyes hale from ROZENA; these are great for photographs. My mouth is stuffed full of diamonds courtesy of :::Regalo:::TATTOO. Punky black hair with built in kitty ears (also in hair texture) are from *.amato.*.

More later. This very tired hunter is heading back to bed.

Poses by: LAP (nla)