Hair Fair - Seduced

Half way through a quick spin of Hair Fair I was getting a little bleary. So much to see. This year I am visiting each and every shop. Now, that isn't quite true since some shops aren't ready.  I started making a list of those I would return to later, but as the list grew I decided that there were plenty of designers who WERE ready and they would be my focus.

My plan was to make the rounds, pick up gifts and dollarbies that looked interesting, note photo op spots -- you get the idea: a reconnaissance mission.  And then I came to INK. Now I knew nothing about INK; it is one of the many new to me stores at Hair Fair. The hair looked both unusual and impressive. But what really got me was the atmosphere.

This year's Hair Fair build is what I would called Zen Modern, minimalist with oriental touches. The shops are inclosed to keep texture rezzing lag down; a plus. In my youth, freebies were the draw of Hair Fair. Now with an impressive inventory I am mostly interested in the build and the staging of the shops. I admit to buying a couple of demos along the way; I doubt any of us are completely immune to the lure of new hair.

So I walk into INK and feel like I am on a surreal movie set. It doesn't get much better than that for me. Three vendors with arty photos. A zebra rug. A dollarbie. Now the hair was not a color I normally wear, but there was no way I was going to pass up the photo op. So I got the gift, zipped over to a sandbox to unpack and then returned to my landmarked spot. (Landmarks aren't working now by the way, but they may be when the sims officially open.)

I switched to this pale Twiggy skin from AKERUKA which works beautifully, turned the day to a mysterious dusky time and took my photos.

And now a very happy gal returns to exploration.

Oh! That very cute overall mini? It is part of a Hair Fair gift pack from Ivanka Akina.

Landmarks, of course, won't work until tomorrow.

Poses by: aDORKable - well of course they are!