Amy in Palms Springs

There is newness afoot. Sassy has lots of just out releases. Sadly they don't fit tomboy shaped me. What's a gal to do? We are "born" with our shapes and I am sticking to mine even in the face of adversity. But wait!  In steps Amy. Who, pray tell is Amy? Well she is the mesh sizing model from $10 Shapes. Amy comes in all standard sizing from XXS to L and is 5 foot 10 which is pretty average by SL standards. Find her also on the Marketplace. I don't suspect that Amy will solve ALL mesh sizing relating problems, but she worked perfectly today and so I can show you this very cute Venus mesh top. Summery and retro it ties in nicely with my backdrop ----- from

Barnesworth Anubis for COLLABOR88. The Palms Springs cottage is named after a popular US community which was "the rage" a few decades ago. The retro feel is in this build which comes both as a stand alone house -- with walled swimming area of course, we wouldn't want the riff raff coming around OR as a skybox with desert surround vista bubble.

You can purchase with or without furniture and if you already have a house you love you can purchase the furniture in packs.

The color scheme is summery, the lines clean.

Amy is wearing the new Akeruka Blanca group gift (see previous post for details and the version for guys). Her hair (I really can't think of her as "me") is free from Alli&Ali on the Marketplace.

Poses by: Diesel Works