Less than a month to Hair Fair!  Always fun; I am personally picky about my hair -- in RL too. So exploring new looks and possibilities is always welcome. And then there are the builds, often very creative in that minimalist way (the lag thing).

 click the photo for a larger version

There is a photo contest going on of course. The theme is freedom. Wondering how to portray the idea and not be terribly obvious, I settled on this shot. It also gave me an excuse to return to Kingdom of Sand (adult but not age verified) which I hadn't visited since it rebuild. A little tricky getting down to the ground (think of it as a hunt; follow the red footprints and read floating text), but visitors are welcome with a tag on.

I am wearing one of the beautiful Arcane Dancer Silks from Deviance. The shape comes with the set and I admit to slapping that on rather than adjusting ALL those prims. This by the way looks fantastic on Chandra who apparently wears it quite often in her off hours. Now and then we teleport to meet and I find her in dancer mode *wink*. My hair is Valentina from EMO-tions (currently off-line for Tuesday restarts it seems).

Poses by: Juxtapose