Second Life's Ninth Birthday Bash

These last weeks I have been showing you photos from behind the scenes of one of the largest arenas for the Second Life Ninth Birthday bash. It's press day over at the event and I am heading over to take a photo of MY build which I not so conveniently forgot to do. In the meantime you can see my Flickr photos of the event, many with SLURLS to the exhibits they represent.

This is my exhibit. A little sculpture, a little machinima, a little dance.

Pick up your own dream jar in the center of the castle by the tree of dreams.

Pick up your very classy umbrella with pose up top. How do you get there? Well you fly of course :D

Find it at Hoedown.

The celebration starts at noon (11 AM) on Monday!

What if your wishes could come true? Some people believe it is all about intent. Grab your hopes and dreams, wrap them in a notecard and add them to your dream jar. Rez in world. You never know what might happen.

Fly up to the clouds to see the film, "In Dreams". Feel free to dance along with the dolls.

And I close with one last shot of the striking sands not far from my SL9B door.