A Taste of Home

Whenever I get that itchy feeling -- no not about SEX (shame on you!), about moving -- I spend the day or sometimes two looking though the classifieds or sometimes jumping around the map. This has been one of those weeks with hours exploring the possibilities. I found a few new photo ops, one outstanding fantasy mesh house and a new spot to hang my hat.

Part of me wanted to be in a themed community once more. I have loved those experiences, but I also love shadows and honestly most of those spots have framerates from hell. So a reasonable ground level framerate was on my list and of course being a good consumer I was also prim shopping. I ended up with a very spacious and modern house on a street (gasp) in a residential mainland neighborhood (gasp again) with $1L a prim rates. I moved in today so I can't speak with any long term knowledge, but I think this will work for me. I really want a space to create and film in other than the LEA sandbox.

Now, I realize I am rambling and you most likely don't care that much, but I will have some interesting insights on home decorating coming along in a future post. Meanwhile, I did a little more hunting in the Depraved arena with a few nice prizes. First up is this very cute flower picking prop from L'aize Dayz. It comes with three nice animations and /1a adjustments. Low prim and very nicely made you can keep it around for decor or bring it out for photo shoots.

My mesh top is part of a set from Sassy, a prize in the DSLH. The set includes leather leggings, but it was hot in my corner of the world so I opted for these very cute mesh shorts from 22769, also on the flower hunt.

And that's the late breaking evening news.

Poses by: the flowers