Free To Be

I think I am just going to let the picture tell the story this morning. Here, though, is the backstory.

*LpD* Make up - *LpD* Skins - *Nessuno mi Puo Giudicare* MakeUp
[AD] Mesh hat - [AD] Nessuno mi Puo Giudicare * Hat

and yes, it is a cooperation. I have no other info but I am betting you can find the set at AD Creations and possibly at *LpD*. If you have trouble discovering its whereabouts, IM one of the designers Aliza Karu or Nevery Lorakeet.

Hair is one by Truth still in the subscribo.

Poses by: Lauria's butterflies (nla)

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    # by AlizaKaru - June 24, 2012 at 1:03 AM

    simply love, ty!♥♥♥