Depraved Hunt Wrap Up

I finished the Depraved Summer Love Hunt this morning. (See previous posts for other goodies.) There were a plethora of snags and quite a few stores where I never found the prize, hint or no -- but I did find some wonderful things. This top from NV Mad World has got to be one of my favorites. I may live in it for awhile. It was NOT easy to find. Look at the hints; find the area to search in and keep your eyes peeled. In many cases I would have moved onward, but I remembered that I have found some great things there and so I persevered. I am happy I did!

I have always been fascinated with the androgynous look. So when these hunt pants from Razorblade Jacket were too big in even the smallest size, I decided to try out the Dion shape from $10 Shapes. It must be hard to mix the sexes so that it is difficult to tell gender. I used the Evian - Alex Male Medium from Egoisme which works quite well.

By the way, the Adam's Apple Hunt started today and I see lots of little green dots at the $10 Shape store. This is a dollarbie hunt and the prize is a male shape called fittingly - Adam.

Click for a full-sized photo. 

DSL hunt prizes shown in this photo -- taken in my new sun room office *wink* are:

=Razorblade Jacket= Jaw Breaker /// Mesh Shorts (sized for guys or hippy gals)

::Duh!:: My Gear High Tops Black (resizable and with both alpha layer and invisiprims)

EnvyMe  ::EM:: Sash Bag Lovely Ridge (rigged mesh)

The pose is one from a six-pack (guys and gals) from Juxtapose on the same DSL hunt.

This extremely fun sunburned skin is the prize from Shiva.  It has a white "LOVE" tattoo on the cheek which is quite endearing actually. I remember wearing a Tuli skin with a spider on the cheek many months past Halloween. The mouthie is from Virtual Insanity.

Poses by: Juxtapose