Taste of SL and Moving In

I went on the Taste of SL Hunt this afternoon. It is a fairly short hunt and for the most part easy with smallish stores and BRIGHT hunt objects which often rez quickly -- hence in view before other items turn from their gray state. I had to do a LOT of searching in order to find the official hunt blog.  The good news is that I finished the whole hunt, something I seldom do. The iffy news is that there is no list of stores that I found and actually the landmarks don't even give an idea to what store you might be going to (not always handy). But I made it . The hardest place for me was Blacklace number 2 where the hint, while accurate has MANY areas that fit the description as well as another spot on the hunt (number 11) in residence. So once you get past 2 it should be smooth sailing.

I saw a couple of posts on this hunt featuring the same items. I have no idea if that was because they were review copies or if they just loved those items :D, but no review copies for me. I did all the work. It was fun really!

I have a few outfits from the hunt that will appear in the coming days, but here is one that I thought was summering and might be of interest.

Off the shoulder belly shirt by J.P.D. (Hmm. Blogger in its wisdom has changed the way links are added. Not fun or helpful for me.  Apologies if things are wrong. Hopefully they WILL fix this.)

[Atooly] Anna Skirt Polka Dots (another print comes in the pack too). I should let you know that the small version of this skirt was too large for me and the extra small way too tiny, so a big difference between sizes; not necessarily standard.

.evolve.  hodgepodge.satchel (different versions including unrigged - mesh of course)

There are lots and lots of poses and props in this hunt, more than the norm for a short excursion. That works for me. Shown here is one from Juxtapose which I visited yesterday on another hunt. Had to smile at that. This girl has attitude!

I am taking photos in my new bedroom -- color coordination is always high on my list. I moved into a house with a 500 prim allowance. Now I mostly wanted those prims for building and filming, not so much for housing. But what's a gal to do when faced with a free house -- and a very BIG one at that (about 40 x 40 two story).

Well the trick of course is prim value. And I want to say that my decorating yesterday taught me a LOT about mesh and its value. I currently have the whole house and yard (we must have trees) decorated using 179 prims. Most of my furniture is mesh. Now I knew mesh LOOKED great and yes, I knew that it is often low prim. But until faced with the challenge of filling this huge space while leaving lots of creative prims in my coffers, I really didn't get it. Most of my furniture is from Trompe Loeil. Happily I made it onto the blogger list somewhere along the way. It is always a pleasure to unpack and photograph even if I never have the occasions to use the lovely items. But today I did.

You'll see more in days to come. My downstairs is mostly the newest NYC66 release with sectional couches at 5 prims and three seat benches at 2 prims -- you get the idea. I coudn't believe that the dining table for SIX was only 8 prims. Anyway, I am impressed. I admit to canalizing a skybox of its furniture and texture change painting (perfect when you have a ton of huge white walls to fill).

And much to my glee, I found a mysteriously returned folder called "backups 2010" which disappeared a year ago and it in my so loved rock fountain kit from Trompe Loeil, now happily a showcase piece in the atrium office area. 

Anyway, I just wanted to mention that mesh can be a huge help to your prim budget, just in case you haven't really understood that :D.

Poses by: the bag and Juxtapose