Silk Road Hunt 3 Wrap Up

It is time to wrap up the Silk Road Hunt posts and get my inventory back in shape. So here are a few more highlights from the adventure. Roawenwood's prize is a large seating area complete with very pretty dance rugs that let you add your own animations. I especially like the exotic tea service.  This striking gown is the prize from Serenity Fashion.

If white and flowing is your style, you can find this dress at Leila's Closet, stop number 114. The long red room divider and cute little pot (actually the packaging for the screen) are from Axo's.  Stop by INGZ to find the pagoda and claim the vase with flowers and bamboo as yours.

Resizable and unisex, this nicely sculpted necklace can be found at Pop Tart & Urban Assault, stop 2 on the hunt.

I really love this screen from EBDesign. It comes in several ways including a semi-closed version. It is called Beautiful Lady.  The chairs and footstool hale from Park Place Home Decor.  The tiny boudoir lamp is a great Victorian accent piece. Find it at the Glimmer Moon Warehouse.

A big pack of decor items await you at Tasha's Treasures. This includes the coffee table and tatami mat in the photo above this one.

And that's it for the Silk Road Hunt number 3; it's been fun.

Poses by: Vista Animations, LAP