Wisdom - Silk Road Hunt 3

Further along the Silk Road Hunt 3 we find wisdom. The Wisdom Spender from Steamed Rice gets the prize for creativity in my book. Add to that the fantastic textures and you have a lead photo.  I don't want to spoil the surprise, but this gadget isn't just about looks. It has animation, sound and a "prize" at the end. So fun. Pick up two while you are at the shop. Like many of the SRH3 gifts, it is no copy. SL ate mine once already. We know how that goes.

While many of the prizes in this hunt are housewares or props  depending  on your point of view, there are some clothing pieces, both for gals and guys. This very pretty silks set complete with prim bead is from Hudson Clothing Company. There is a prize in black for the guys. These sacks and incense trunk are from Trident. Use them as a grouping or separately, they are beautifully textured and not as difficult to find as some Trident prizes *wink*.

This sake and tea dining set is from Clockworks. It comes with touch to get props and adjustable animations. The pillows are particularly lovely.

Last up in the section of the hunt is an adorable shoulder pet with extremely cute animations from Jingjing. It hops up and down your shoulder much like my real life parrot. So cute! A no copy item :D.

My very sleek and sophisticated mesh hair is a new release from eXxEsS. Sheena comes in lots of exotic colors. I picked dark burgundy which coordinates with the silks beautifully. There is a similar style for gals that like hair in the front on both sides.

Poses by: aDORKable Vista Animations and Diesel Works