Denim and Pearls

Who says you can't wear pearls with denim? Well not me.

It's been a very tough morning in SL. Three crashes, odd viewer issues, alpha layers from hell. Ah yes, the joys of our virtual life. Since "I" didn't make any changes I am guessing it will all work out eventually. Meanwhile I am happy to have taken these photos, so here is your morning post.

First up a very pretty Serenity Set (includes earrings not shown) from Addiction Jewelry is found exclusively at the ZombiePopcorn Carnival. You have a couple more days to visit the Carnival as well as lots of other venues. It has really been a busy month in SL. Lots of hunts are ending too, so scroll back in the posts to make sure you didn't miss any goodies.

Speaking of goodies, this nicely made mesh dress which while denim is still pretty dressy *wink* is on a dollarbie promo from Soulglitter on the Marketplace.

Now, as you might guess seeing that "I" am not "me" in this photo, flat chested girls with no hips need not apply. But if your shape follows the standard sizing numbers, you are in luck.

I am actually wearing the medium size on Marti from $10 Shapes who is a standard size S. But what's in a size letter? It fits perfectly.

SL9B is over and I ventured over this morning to take my build down. The dream jar was a very big hit with tons of folks taking them home. I hope their wishes come true, one by one.

Poses by: Diesel Works, aDORKable