Skin Deep

It's not often I think about changing skin. I stick with my comfort zone most of the time except when I am doing an exotic post. But there is always a but, and today (last night really) had me looking more closely at this Chic2 Rowena release from {.essences.} than I normally would.

Rowena comes in several skin tones with this being "native", the darkest. When I tried it on I immediately thought, "Wow! ". There are plenty of things I like about this skin. It fits me well which of course is a personal shape thing, but the first on my list of criteria. The ears are outstanding (often a part that gets less attention than it should) and the eyebrows are bold yet finely rendered. The skin comes bare for the most part, let's call it the natural I just got up look *wink*. Cleavage, pubic hair and makeup are all add-ons (and indeed purchased separately) which I really appreciate. There are also freckles, tattoo eyelashes and a mole.

So, if I were buying this skin, I would purchase the base skin and the eye shadows and I would have everything I use. Simple.

Now no skin is perfect, or at least I haven't found one. So -- if I were to make some changes, there would be two. I would like a little more "glow" (tonal variation) on the arms to go along with that on the legs; and, the fingernails could use some work. I didn't check the feet, but that is seldom an issue today with our prim and mesh shoes. I am thinking seriously about Rowena; I will try her out for awhile and see how she feels.

And then there is my outfit, part of a mix and match set, Flow - Shoot Your Look,  from AD Creations for couturier's docks. With lots of fun, summery and of course dramatic pieces to play with, it's a winner. I especially like the pants with -- what ARE those side thing? Whatever, they make me smile. The belt is white to go with other parts of the outfit, but a couple of clicks and I made it black. Which means of course it could be ANY color you so desire. Thumbs up on mod!

The new Rowena skin had me so inspired that I took my first trip to CHIC2 and this morning I ventured over to the {.essences.} shop where I did my photo shoot. While perusing the other items for sale I found this very nice free skin up by the desk. Lani has been looking for a new skin and this one is perfect for her. AND, there is a really nice, ethnic bag for free not far away on the wall. It has a great hold which works nicely with your AO. So, I did very well this morning!

Poses by: aDORKable, Diesel Works, LAP

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    # by Serene Fairey - June 13, 2012 at 7:22 AM

    I'm liking that short hair on you! So far I've still never found just the right pixie cut, but that's pretty close. :D Have a great day!

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    # by Unknown - June 14, 2012 at 6:48 AM

    the skin suits you, and I love the hair!