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Spice Trader - Silk Road Hunt 3

It is early morn over at the desert at SL9B and I was thrilled to see more being added to the already impressive desert stage area. I chatted with the builder, KT Syakumi for a bit and let her know where she could pick up these beautifully textured spice bags. They are a prize on the Silk Road Hunt.  Yep, I have been working on that hunt during off hours (not so many of those these days). I am about a third of the way through, not from the beginning of course.

Along the way I found a few stellar gifts, with this spice trader set from Kismet, my personal favorite. It comes linked or as separate pieces so you can use the props as prims allow. Kismet is also a great photo op spot and I had it bookmarked well before I found the prize. To get one of these sets for your own stash, follow the lotus flower path into a building. You are looking for a golden pagoda.

Now I need to back up a bit to tell you about newness in my outfit. My pretty faux ruffled (textured - not single frills) is a new release from Graffitiwear (sorry offline for a long time - Sheol (132, 225, 130)). It comes in a big variety of pretty colors, is summery and Bohoesce and that really works for me.  The very nicely textured bangles and hoop earrings are from Smexy. The new Twiggy skin from Akeruka was my choice for the day and my hair is actually for guys, a new release called Phil from Alli&Ali. It comes with a hairbase, but I used a slightly more girlie one from my stash.

My other don't miss out on this tip is this really lovely cabinet from [noctis].

I have so many beautiful things from that store, many of them hunt prizes. The cabinet doors open and close of course and the items inside are exquisite.

Oops, I forgot to let you know that you can get your very own CAMEL on the Silk Road Hunt. It is one of several prizes on a mini hunt at Mountain Rose Village. Now, as a good reporter I should tell you that there are a lot of prizes on the Silk Road Hunt that will most likely not impress you. I knew that from previous versions and went with the intent just to have fun and see what folks had built. And in that spirit I am enjoying myself. So I plan to finish the hunt and I am guessing that I will have more things to show you. There are some other very nice gifts along the way; I am just showing you my very, very favorite ones :D.

In order to actually DO the hunt, should you so choose, you really need to join the group and get the current notecard from the archives listing all the stops and the hints. There is no blog that I can find and a big thank you to Carson as his post was the only one I could find when doing research at the beginning. I went to one of the stores he mentioned, found the hunt sign and got into the group. From there, it was smooth sailing. Have fun!

Poses by: aDORKable, Vista Animations


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