I have been fascinated by the androgyne look for some time now. While I am definitely a gal, I do venture over into the boyish realm; menswear and I are good buds. The Femboy Hunt starts in a couple of days; indeed some prize vendors are out already. According to the hunt blog photos, there are plenty of skins and shapes, hair and clothes, etc. to choose from.

You will be looking for a sculpted lettering sign that says Femboy. This is a $2 hunt so you may want peruse the photos before you start hunting. There is no "train", but all stores are linked from the hunt blog page.  This is the Morgan shape (5 feet 8) from $10 Shapes. It is indeed a chameleon and looks good as a gal, guy or true androgyne. I like this look with the ~Tableau Vivant~Noctis Group Gift skin the best I think. Look back in the posts a couple of days for more info.

This truly gorgeous kimono is a prize on the Make Him Over Hunt. Find it at the tomoto shop. It comes complete with sandals and while it doesn't work well on a traditional gals shape, it is impressive on a more boyish one.

My posting spot for the morning is Japan Kimono Street. According to the rental notecard, the sim  reproduces Sakai of Osaka in 1574. It is serene here and very beautiful. The rents are average for both shops and homes.

This is what the prize object looks like.

Have fun hunting.

Poses by: Focus Poses (current MHOH prize)

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    # by Taki Kujisawa - June 29, 2012 at 6:52 PM

    Thank you Chic for featuring the Femboy Hunt on your blog! We hope you enjoy the other gifts the hunt has to offer and join us again next time ^__^v

    ~Taki Kujisawa