Reds - Silk Road Hunt 3

Today's Silk Road Hunt 3 post is brought to you by the color red, a very auspicious color. There are plenty of crimson items throughout the hunt but the section after 100 (and indeed my silks from Hudson's #100 fit into that category) seemed to appeal to me most.  The very impressive (five prim) gate hales from Fantasy China. So very pretty , it is also mod so if you need a smaller or gargantuan gate -- you got it.

My personal favorite prize in this section of the hunt is an exquisite and bountiful (many styles and patterns) rug pack from Trident. Historical Hunts group chatter alerted me to a second prize at Trident. I knew there were two stores but they do run together in my mind. So an opportunity for a second stellar gift made me very happy. And stop number 126 Trident didn't disappoint! Grab the hint, look for the gold and these beauties can be yours.

This unusual, unisex tattoo is a prize at Gugu Dada. TP up to the store from the landing point.  My equally unusual and somewhat oriental hair is one of the new releases from EMO-tions coming SATURDAY. I really love the hair base that comes with this; such a natural back hairline.

There are plenty of homes and other buildings in this hunt. So far this is my favorite. I think it must be the whimsy and the steamy influence *wink*. With very pretty textures inside and a skylight ceiling, it might be your next abode. Find it at Sparkworks/Changeling Moon.

Pose by: LAP