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Medieval Fantasy Hunt Wrap Up

There really are a lot of great prizes in the Medieval Fantasy Hunt. Here are just a few of my favorites. Remember that many of these prizes are no copy, so open your boxes lickety-split so you can remember their hiding places should you want to return for a backup.

This tavern set comes with some very nice animations in the seats; a rat lurks just out of view. Find it at RnB Designs Furniture. The rum cask hales from Dysfunctional Designs. While you are there, pick up a very nice raised garden bed with ferns for free. Look for the big free sign (well yeah!) while you are hunting for the sword in the stone. I will say that the clue here wasn't all that helpful as it had me looking for something that wasn't actually there :D. The very nice dripping candle lighting is the prize at Habitation.

Who knew a porridge bowl could be so classy? This is just lovely and comes with a spoon giver and very nice adjustable animation. My outfit by the way is very vintage and was in the Little Heaven lucky chairs for years. Sadly the store is now gone. Find the pot with stand at Libby's, a role play props shop.

This very nice writing desk complete with lots of attached props is the prize at Trident. It is fairly close to the Silk Road Hunt prize, so be sure and find them both. I forgot to tell you in my post yesterday that the apple tree drops apples. So fun!

And if being the lady of the manor is more your style, be sure and find the prize at Nala (right next door to Mystic Hope). The dress is beautifully textured with long shoulder trains. The bed in the background is gorgeous and comes from [noctis]. Yep, a prize on this hunt.

Poses by: aDORKable and the props


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