Midnight Drama

So there's this skin. It is free. It is definitely unique. I, unlike many of you am not a skin ho *wink*, but a long list of circumstances lead me to this free group gift skin from Tableau Vivant .   I friend saw a post that lead to another friend's investigation that lead to me venturing over to the shop. I was extremely impressed with the androgynous skins there and of course wanted to stay in the loop.

This is very much a fantasy skin and these are actual screen captures with little Photoshoping meaning that I did not lower the saturation; this is the color of the skin. Dusky and dreamy and otherworldly, it lends itself to places only our imagination can go.

My equally dramatic hair is a new release from EMO-tions, Water-Love.

My catsuit is from Sassy on the Hot as Hell Hunt (group entry required; you need to apply). Ginkgo Earrlings from KOSH, tattoo from Endless Pain (current hunt item) shoes from Kalnins.

Pose nla