New York State of Mind

Yesterday I showed you two very nice prizes on the Depraved Summer Love Hunt. I did a little hunting on mine own last eve and this dress was my favorite find, a cute mesh dress from Reila Skins. I have to say that the hunting was hard for the most part, maybe not quite as tough as "Twisteds", but the flower to be found was illusive and in some spots there were a lot of folks wandering around. I will attempt to move forward and I am very happy there is a SLURL page. The hints however, at least in my brief tour, were not all that helpful and indeed sometimes not accurate at all, this after only a few hours of the start.

My hair is a new release from EMO-tions, out today. It's called Holiday and features built in sun glasses and a side-tied mini braid.

And a little aside for those of you that read this blog regularly. I find I really like this new skin, but I also find that it is difficult to photograph; that dark tone thing. So I will probably be moving back to my old standby. Still, a good addition to my closet.

Poses by: aDORKable and Helamiyo