Midnight Cowboy

If you took my advice awhile ago (last Fall if I remember correctly) and joined the Akeruka group when it was free, or even if you joined sometime after *wink*, this fantastic Antonio skin is yours for a linden. Wear your tag and pay the vendor. Honestly this is my favorite male skin -- at least of the ones I have tried. And if I was a guy, I would wear it all the time. Chav, I am sure, will be happy to have another version of facial hair. The group appeared to be closed last night but is open (fee) now. The VENDOR is here.

Also new are some smokey, sexy eyes from Candace Hudson releasing sometime soon. I suspect you can find them at Hudson's.

There is other newness this eve. The shape I am wearing is Jacob, a new release this week from $10 Shapes which as you might guess cost -- $10! Yeah. He is a hunky guy so if you or yours are in need of a makeover, you know where to go.

Isn't that an extremely cool fence and gate in the background? It is a hunt prize from BoatHouse in The Cookie Jar Hunt. Now, I am banned from the Cookie Jar for whatever reason and apparently in very good and numerous company so I am no longer embarrassed about it. I ran into several compadres at the SLH&G event. Anyway, I couldn't go FIND the fence which I really wanted in case I get to homestead with my sheep again sometime in the future. In an uncharacteristic move (I REALLY wanted that fencing :D) I wrote to IzzieBellah Hinterland and she very nicely sent me a copy. Sometimes longevity counts and oftentimes there are very nice and accommodating folks.  So if you have a cottage or a farm, zip over and hunt a bit.

Poses by: Pffiou and LAP (old)