Dance Fever

Some days we just need to have a bit of fun. And this was one of those days. Woot!

(*chanimations has a new stage set out. Lots of lights and glow and neon.
I actually recognized this set, or the precursor of it, as the one Chandra used in her first public burlesque routine. I was in the audience. The set was a standout for sure.

According to the website (I admit to not trying out this feature):
The walls and screens are individually color scripted and allow to
mix-and-match the following colors:
• black,
• white,
• yellow,
• orange,
• red,
• pink,
• purple,
• mint,
• green and
• blue.
Honestly, I was too busy playing and the default colors worked just fine for me, this time anyway. Read more about the particulars here.

Poses by: Diesel Works, Behavior Body