Jam Packed

Lots of goodness packed in one post, let's start with fashion - FREE fashion :D. I knew you would like that. This cute outfit featuring some of the latest mesh styles is a hunt prize from  Leri Miles Designs on the Depraved Summer Love Hunt, starting today. There is also woven beach bag with towels and a pose included. Silly me, I missed that amongst all the mesh sizes *wink*.

Also in the hunts and fashion category, this very intricate sun anklet can be yours for free.

Click for a larger, up close and personal look at this cutie.

Find it at KOSH, same hunt :D.

There is lots going on around the grid. Tons of new hunts are beginning as well as the Zombie Popcorn Carnival, bound to be a very popular spot as it opens. Actually there have been so many posts featuring the circus this week that I thought it had ALREADY opened. Silly me!
When the carnival masses die down a bit, or now if you revel in lag, zip on over and see all the goodies. If summer entertaining is in your upcoming plans or even if you just like the warm glow of an outdoor fire on a summer's day, be sure and check out the Rustic Pavilion from Trompe Loeil.

With lovely textures and lots of shadow casting openings, it definitely makes a statement. Small enough to work for everyone, it is a good value for your prim budget too. Yeah!

Also in the news and especially for those of you that like a bit of extra absurdity in your life, is this cactus garden in bowler hat from CONCRETE FLOWERS.

It does bring a smile!

Poses by: aDORKable, Diesel Works