Places - Isle of Amras

For those of you that love finding great photo op spots, and especially for those of you that became seduced by the Medieval Fantasy Hunt,  there is a new build at Isle of Amras. This is a visitor friendly role play area which seems to be (I didn't go to the entrance tp point and read the literature) a world that is being rebuilt after an apocalypse (old modern buildings tipping in the bay) and is in what I think of as feudal times.

The sim has been rebuilt using mostly mesh and it is a wonderful to see. Pick your Windlight setting and go forth! There is an extra body of light in the sky at Isle of Amras, which made two in my version choice of the late afternoon. I always wanted more than one "sun" in the sky or maybe several moons; it just works better for me.

I have to admit that I almost rented a spot at the sim. There are several rentals available and one that faces the harbor which I liked a lot. But, things to do and places to be .... I can return and visit.

My outfit is an oldie from Firefall and may still be in the lucky chairs; things haven't changed there much of late. Happily the outfit is standing the test of time well. I waited a long time to garner this beauty and have worn it often.

Poses by: Vista Animations