Coco and Cream

How tiny can a waist be? Well back in the olden days around the turn of the century before last *wink*, gals went to great lengths to have the smallest of middles, ones that a man could span with his hands. Hence a lot of fainting went on. We do need oxygen and corsets inhibit that breathing ability greatly.

The new Coco Mon Coeur outfits from deviousMind remind us of those long ago days. Luckily we don't need to actually breath in our virtual world and we can have that hourglass figure without the accompanying pain.

The corset is rigged mesh and beautifully textured with a silky look. Skirt choices and bauble necklace come with. Now this didn't fit tomboy figured me, so I tried out the upcoming release from $10 Shapes, Marti. Perfect although I had to go up a size from Marti's S sizing. Since the model was not going to be "me", I decided to really switch modes and became blonde (.:EMO-tions:. * LORA*/blonde) with the new Blanca skin from Akeruka. It was a lovely day over at the deviousMind sim. Oh, my boots in the top photo are from lassitude & ennui, Selene mesh boots in white and cream. Love them!

Poses by: Diesel Works and aDORKable