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I finished the Medieveal Fantasy Hunt this morning -- in my manner at least. There were quite a few stops where I couldn't find the sword in the stone, alas. Big sims, lots of stuff, clues that seemed like they should help but apparently didn't - LOL. But, I will say that I enjoyed exploring the sims even if I didn't find the prizes. Who knew there was an academy to learn jousting and such? Not I. 

This is not my genre, and I suspect that it isn't that of most of my readers. Still, I would like to encourage you to do a bit of exploring and hunting. The prizes for the most part are very high caliber and I was amazed at some of the creativity.

First up on my Lord of the Manner post is the Milord Alain outfit from Chez Fayre. There is a ladies outfit also. This hunt seemed to veer toward the guys more than the usual and that is good to see. These nice riding boots (suitable for outfits other than period) are part of an outfit from Dazzled by Dreams.

This extremely impressive horse barn is beautifully textured. If you have horses, what could be nicer? And even if you don't, it looks pretty snazzy as a backdrop. Find it at United Inshcon Shop. This is truly a NC item with the rezzer remembering the item has been rezzed, so pick up a second copy. I went back quickly while I could remember where I found the prize; paranoid after that big inventory loss last year.

A personal favorite for me is this apple tree with ferns and apple basket from stop number one, United Inshcon. This would look lovely in any rural setting. The clue is a good one (see the blog link above) but I noted that several of us made a beeline (pun intended) to the beehives we spotted. A little more looking around and the prize was mine. So keep at it. The tree is only 9 prims and copy (yeah!).

This tree has a pose with it which appears to be leaning against the ladder. I say appears, because it doesn't work right for me here at the sandbox. Now, after about a month, I have the answer to this problem that has been bothering me as well as designers so I thought I would pass it along. It appears that there is a bug in one of the server codes (perhaps more than one) and SOME (only certain ones) sit scripts do all sorts of weird things with placement. It took lots of testing and talking to various designers before "we" figured it out. But since I know lots of designers read this blog, I wanted to pass along that info and this seemed like a good time. 

Ah, I just took a copy of the tree over to a different sim and found it working perfectly with the pose being a really nice relaxing one on a tree branch. I am even more in love :D.

Also I wanted to mention that I didn't find the prizes between 1 and 5, so if you get stuck be sure and check the blog. Starting at Mystic Hope with a prize that is very hard to miss and then backtracking, might be a good plan. 
Poses by: Diesel Works (Dante)

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