What Happened to Words?

"Tip, Tip. Come here Tip."  " See Jane. See Jane run." 

Those were some of the first words I learned to read long ago.

As I wander through the feeds today I note that most posts are missing the strings of alphabet letters twined together to give us ideas. There are only mentions of designers and sometimes, if we are lucky, links to their stores.

I have to admit this disturbs me somewhat. It either indicates that the typists in question can't put together a sentence or are simply lazy. OK. I admit I am prejudiced. I actually like to hear what the people writing their blogs think. It is a great new release? How does it fit? Will it stay forever in their virtual closet? That sort of thing. It is easy just to look through the photos and forget about the information. I, however, LIKE information. That's my comment for the eve.

AND here are my thoughts on one of the new releases from JANE. There are a bevy of just released styles, all similar, out just now. This was my personal favorite. If you are into girlie or retro -- or especially "girlie and retro" *wink*, this is for you.

This is the Rachel dress in chili. I love that color name, "chili". It is hot and steamy and fun. Going for a retro styling, I added some hair from Dura, a Runway Perfect hunt item, a bangle from my stored files of Baubles and analyst glasses from Deco.

It's a cute look. It may be YOUR look. If so, get over to JANE and try out the demo!

Poses by: aDORKable