Depraved Summer Love

I continued with the Depraved Summer Love Hunt this morning, actually moving backwards in the lineup. Hunting was easier there and while many of the prizes weren't "me", they could easily be "you". Shown here are four things that happily - fit, went together, I liked.

First up are these little balloon pants from Grumble. I really like this new flavor of the week style and suspected that a pair would come my way eventually. I am a happy gal that they are agreeable with my shape AND that they are neutral. I am also happy that one of the cami tops I found last night (there are four colors in the pack) coordinated. Find it at KIM.

There was a popular photography exercise once upon a time, taking a shot 180 degrees from your first. I found this glorious sim while hunting though land and property rentals in the classifieds. It is still in the building stages it seems (looks pretty finished to me :D), so while I can't live here, I can certainly add the spot to my photo op landmarks. The place is Qinhuai - Jinling Village.

My Kanji tattoo is the prize from Endless Pain Tattoos. Lots of layers, combos and darknesses with this being the lightest; I am hoping it says something auspicious. 

Last up on the hunt trail for this post is a very intricate and pretty bracelet from Just You Jewels

Delicate enough not to overpower, interesting enough for a second look; it is definitely staying in my much lighter now jewelry folder.

Click photo for an enlarged view.

Pose by: Diesel Works