I wasn't in New York in 1966, but I can be now. A new skybox is out from Trompe Loeil for COLLABOR88. It is definitely retro and this cute little mesh Nata skirt from M&M Designs fits right in. The outfit comes with the white camisole top as well as some jewelry (not shown).

One of the first things I noted about the skybox is that it is scaled more like our real life homes. Ceilings are lower and that gives it a cozy feel. I like it!

The abode comes with a cityscape surround that gives you the feel of a real city. Dancing on the patio anyone?

It's always fun to see what the theme of COLLABOR88 might be. I am not on the mailing list so sleuthing is always in order. Since two releases were called "Shindig", I am going with that. Definitely a retro time with lots of 60ish flavored looks to peruse.

If you already have a retro home, you can purchase furniture as stand alone items. I particularly love the little shell lamps.

My new hair is from Dura, a unisex group gift celebrating two years. Wear your tag and touch the gift vendor to get a big pack of colors with hairbases. My mesh eyes are a new release from Mayfly. They come in four shades of white which I love. I wear the darkest which is great for photographs. My earrings are oldies from Sigma Jewels.

Poses by: aDORKable and Vista Animations