SL9B Sneak Peak

There's a birthday party coming. Second Life is turning nine. Now I have only been around half that time and the oldest person I have actually ever met was seven, but "someone" was here back in the days when the world was small and there were no teleports. I imagine avatars looked really basic back then. We have come a long way.

Some of you know that The Labs opted out of the big birthday bash this year, but happily others have filled in. We know the story well. One thing we seem to be good at as a community is pulling together when that needs to happen.

I had planned to be a builder for the first time this year and so I was very disappointed when I learned the celebration "wasn't happening". Then Boot Goddess Gina (yes really) alerted me to the multi-sim site that will house about 400 builds. Read more about that here. While this is certainly not the only event venue, it is the one I will be reporting on most often.

I finished up my build yesterday, well under my 257 prim budget and it is already up and waiting patiently for visitors to arrive. My plot is very close to one of the sandy entertainment areas and so I of course had to investigate a bit. When I spied this modern day lawn chair perched atop some ruins overlooking the pyramids -- well you KNOW I couldn't resist taking a photo.