Lucky Letter D

The story starts off with boots, role play boots by definition but ones able to span genres. These are on the Role Player's Hunt ending tomorrow at stop number #63, ViGo. The shop is settled in a village courtyard in a role play area; no worries though, the arrival message let's you know that your safety is assured. You are looking for a silver sword with black handle.

While I was looking for the boots, I spied some very nice garments and such as well as two lucky chairs. Making a note to return later in the day, I did just that to find a "C" on the chair. Yeah! That was followed by a "D", an "S" and two more "D"s. So my friends and I did well. Sami has a very pretty shrug that can be modern as well as medieval and Divine came away with a closet full of very vintage outfits. Each prize actually consisted of several versions of the same garment, a bargain.

Since we all wanted to see how things looked, it wasn't difficult to convince Divine to give a brief fashion show. I took some photos to share with you.

There is one chair that is 30 minutes (our winning chair) and one that is an hour. Having a run on the chairs brought back fond memories of my youth, a time when one of the biggest sports was watching the chairs and chatting. I am sure that still occurs these days, just not so much.

These garments are all from KnickKnack.  Find the lucky chairs in the courtyard along the shop wall -- one on either side.  There are shoes and props for prizes as well as clothing.

Poses by: LAP (nla) and aDORKable