MHOH7 - A New Look

Make Him Over 7 has started. I have been on many of the MHOHs in all their versions. This one stacks up nicely.  The official hunt list works well when you get stuck and there are some super prizes. Shapes, shoes and poses abound and there is a good selection of skins too. Lots of mesh with its "I-like-it-but-it-doesn't-fit" issues are in evidence.

I did something new this hunt. Since it seemed that most of the prizes came in folders, unpacked, I decided to go through my winnings while I hunted. Happily there is the "add" feature now for most of us, so worrying about nakedness is not so much of an issue. And that was way fun. My outfit merged and melded and there are plenty of things that I will be keeping that don't show up in this post, but here is the final all new look. Everything but eyes are new.

My favorites of the skins is this Akeruka Nando Full Tan. Very nice. The final best shape (and there was another that worked for me) is from R-STYLZ. Skins and shapes are of course VERY personal, so my picks may not be your favorites. Be assured you will have many to choose from. 

Amacci won hands down for me in the hair department as I love guys in pony tails. This -K!NG- Steel Necklace fits very nicely and definitely makes a fashion statement.

I can't say that I was thrilled with the clothes; there were some nice things, just not my style or fit as the case may be. That being said, their is a great jacket set from Poison. I have shown a similar version of that in a post awhile back, but if you never won on the Midnight board, pick up its brother (black and chartreuse). GIRLS this means you too! Happily there is a ladies size in the pack.

I chose this jeans and tank outfit from [TK] C Co. as part of the look of the day. My biker boots are from MayCreations and fit perfectly with the slightly bad boy look.

Shoes and skins are plentiful in this hunt! These superb Troy boots from Muism are my favorites. Wow! So this post wouldn't be complete without a big thumbs up for those.

MHOH7 isn't for beginners. There are plenty of tiny mars symbols as well as some larger ones INSIDE cases and in very cramped space (visible but tricky to click).

In most all cases you will need a MHOH group tag to garner your surprises. 

Click the photo for a larger picture.

Poses by: Stakey from the hunt.