Exotic Dancer

Two new releases meet in this photo spread.

 The 1001 Nights Photostage from *(chanimations fits on a 1024 lot and comes in this detailed version as well as a lower prim model. Both curtains and wall colors can be changed via menu.

The fountain is separate.

The door can be open or closed; permissions set to let others make changes. I especially like the scaling of the textures; much closer to actual people size than you often see.

Click small photos for a hight rez version.

I traveled in Morroco a decade ago, something that is rare for those of us in the States. My visit was life changing in many ways and so it was especially rewarding and reminiscent to return in an sense.

SEE THE YOU TUBE VIDEO of 1001 Arabian Nights HERE.

The video shows off these gorgeous silks to best advantage. The Arcane Dancer Silks from Deviance come in a rainbow of colors. The detailing is superb!  Chandra is wearing one of her own shapes. I am wearing the shape that comes with the silks.

This is an all prim outfit so super shy gals need not apply. The pieces are manual mod; the shape is mod also. Between the two and with some tweaking (in my case it would be bigger breasts), most avatars should be able to find a good fit.

We can all use a little fantasy in our lives. This was mine.

Chandra took photos during our somewhat group shoot (my facelight, needed for this dark skin washed out her pale version so shots together were out of the question).

I especially like the composition of this one.

Style Notes: 

Hair: Amacci Hair Carletta ~ Ebony
Skin: Adam n Eve Skins - Tanisha Dark Special - Natural (PBShave) B
Clothing: Deviance - Arcane Dancer Silks - Arcane Waters

Poses and dance by: Vista Animations