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2 for $2

Two complete outfits for $2? Yep. You got it -- or at least you can GET them (wink). The extreeeemely cute dress in lovely Spring colors comes from Tasha and is free. I added some really nice open-toed shoes in peach for a buck from Ash's Trash. There are a dozen colors to choose from so enjoy. AND you actually get two styles per color -- solid or with white heels. I really like this; hope you do too.

And from PRISM we have a jean skirt outfit with six colors of striped tops. That's enough to get you through at least part of the summer. The shoes are similar to ones from a few weeks ago but with a more casual texture. Very nice. Tank tops are long and on the jacket layer. The prim skirt can be remove and you have some mid length shorts :D

Poses by LAP.


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