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Easter in the Gardens

It's definitely Spring for me. I want to put away all my Fallish garb and celebrate pastels. I'm sure there will be times I break that resolve; we can after all have any season any time we want it. So are the miracles of our virtual world. But today, anyway, it was Spring for me and I decided to pull out a few dresses you might want to know about.

This Gypsy dress in white hales from Pout who seems to have one of the most popular Midnight Boards in town (wink). The black version of this darling and sexy outfit has been a now and then prize for the people lucky enough to get to click in. You can of course simply purchase the dress. The vendor is right below the midnight board.

Whether you spend time or lindens, this is a really fun outfit. The skirt is varying in length with bold lacy cutouts that let the world see your gorgeous legs. And we can all have gorgeous legs here so that is something to brag about. It is feminine without dipping over into little girl mode and can be dressed up or down for the occasion.

Shown here with the Sandy jewelry set in pastels from Primagine and shoes by Juicy.

The mini above is a gift from Venice Picassa Designs. I actually found this in my objects folder when I was looking for another dress to show you. Since I didn't remember how I got this cutie, I TPed back to the shop to find the free vendor right in the entrance. That's easy :D

It comes with a very cute sculpty skirt and neck piece. Long ruffled cuffs are also included but they didn't ring any personal bells with me so I am showing the dress without them.

This third dress is a Spring gift from Pin Up Dolls - Retrology branch. It is also on the wall in a vendor. Very ladylike, slightly retro -- I want to order watercress sandwiches with the crusts cut off and have some tea with my gals.

And if you are one of those gals who simply refuses to where whites and pastels, you can still celebrate Spring with this flowered dress from Shop Seu. A little bit 1920's flapper with pearl and flower sash, you can dance the night away in style. Sit and camp awhile (45 minutes if I remember correctly) and it is yours. Shown with shoes by Bellissima.

Poses by LAP and VAGO, hair by Amacci and Catbird.


Babi Cham said…
It looks good on you :0)

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