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New spaces, new furniture. In need of a bed? Jena-ration X Designs has at least two colors of beds (olive and navy) in its lucky chair and a super colorful number in the giant cupcake. Just take a bite and you might win the Electric Pop Bed set. I did, but haven't opened it yet. The package looks mighty cute though. There is also a VERY popular Midnight board that has been in lockdown mode each time I visit so check that out.

I saw Teagan's post this morning -- the daily hair review -- and she looked SO cute, I just had to go over and try it out. I looked cute too and while I don't "buy" much or often, I think you may be seeing me in pigtails sometime soon. The pack includes tons of colors and the $200 price tag goes to good cause (RFL). While I was looking for the the Hannah style at Hair Solutions, I noticed a bunch of gals camping for hair. There are six chairs and several choices of packs to camp for (guy versions also). I picked the one everyone seemed to be camping for simply because if they all liked it, I suspected you might too. You get four colors, black, brown, auburn and blond. I've show you several of the colors in the photos above. Camp time is 200 minutes. These are most likely NOT a new find, but I'm not sure I had ever been to the shop before, so new to me -- and maybe you.

I told you about the great cowboy boots in Studio M'z , but at the time I didn't know that there were also white boots in a completely different style. These are extremely detailed with lots of delicate chain. So five great gifts to pick up there -- and some fun glasses at the shop near the chairs. Look for the lucky board on the floor.

Love/Hate posted about some great looking boots in the Dare Design chairs, so I went over to see what I could see. I stop in often but it has been a few days. There must have been at least 30 people there and I went back a time or two throughout the day and Divine dropped in (still loving that roller skating outfit) and we never saw any of the new boots come up. No one else there at the time had either. So, by all means go and watch as there are some great things in those four chairs, but I suspect that just like the last new release put in the chairs that I never saw come up, these boots may be scarce - LOL. Still, you might be the lucky one!

The good news is that there is a new set in the Midnight Mania board. So click on that while you are waiting -- well of course you would. The outfit isn't "me" (wink) but it might be you so I wanted you to see it up close and personal.

One of my favorite new gifts of the day is a set of cropped hoodies from Mischief. Three colors come in the pack and of course they are very nicely made. Buy them for zero off the new releases board right near the entrance. You have until Sunday. I'm telling all my gal friends to get there. These will be great for summer.

Poses by Vain.


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