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RFyre for Guys

It's not often that there is a lucky chair GUY watch, so when I heard about the new outfit from RFyre for guys (thanks Winter) I convinced Wonder to go watch for awhile. Admittedly that 60 minute chair can stall no matter how many folks stop by. So, after an hour he gave up. We can only expect so much from our friends after all, so I'm not upset. Since he has been living in his Firefall outfit (and I might add looking very scrumptious - don't tell him I said so), I doubt he has much enthusiasm for anything else.

BUT, there is a good twist to the story as he had a friend he TPed in to sit and HE got the coveted prize. Happily he was willing to pose for me. I had to get him over to IZUMIYA to get some free guy poses as he had none. Some guys aren't all that fashion conscious ya know.

Anyway -- the outfit comes with both black and white shirts and two lengths of coattails. It comes with a top hat but that didn't seem to work so well.

So guys, get down there if this is your style or if you think you might want to try out the style! Beware that rezzing will take awhile. Just head toward the green dots. The round lucky chair is in a corner and not too far from the landing point.

Have fun!


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